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David LaChapelleThe late David LaChapelle was a wisdom teacher and an artist. He had an extraordinary appreciation and understanding of the beauty of nature, human desires, and the road to Happiness. Hundreds of people found a sense of direction and belonging through his counsel, and have been inspired by his paintings which evoke many of the forces which resonate in the universe and in our souls. His literature is his legacy—at once art and counsel. Ragged Sky is proud to present the second printing of A Hymn of Changes, LaChapelle's contemporary reflections on the wisdom of the ancient classic of Taoist philosophy, I Ching.




Fire plays upon the Mountain
dancing light upon the facets of the jewel.
The elegance of nature
inspires deeper reflection and concentration.
The purpose of aesthetic beauty is to foster
a more profound contemplation
of universal order.

Inspired by the beauty before us
we are led to contemplate the beauty within.
Grace opens the gateway
to a more thorough investigation
of our lives.


Withdrawing from the exterior world,
we form seeds of our new beginnings
and in the solitude of the Heavens.

Cultivating stillness,
we can retire from our daily routine
and touch more essential heights.

Withdrawing from the world
is not the same as escape.
WIthdrawal leaves only
a whisper in its wake
and is the doorway
of the spirit.

From A Hymn of Changes: Contemplations of the I Ching. Copyright David LaChapelle.

© Ragged Sky Press