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Miss Plastique

by Lynn Levin

Miss Plastique, cover

Miss Plastique, the fourth full-length poetry collection by Lynn Levin, invites the reader into a world of female bravado in which Miss Plastique and her many selves rant, fret, joke, fall in love, dress up, and do their hair. A poet known for her eclecticism, humor, and range of poetic styles, Levin is also a writer and literary translator.  She teaches at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania.

"A chewy, sour-sweet bon-bon of a book.  Miss Plastique is a many-minded feminist heroine who casts her gimlet-eye on childhood, marriage, and the myriad ways society [or life] conspires to thwart our  pleasures and ambitions."
Vasiliki Katsarou, author of Memento Tsunami

"Miss Plastique is a busy girl: giving it to her enemy in stiletto heels, giving it up to an Elvis impersonator, thumbing a ride across Texas. She has turned from the mirror and can’t look back. She’s sexy and seductive and refuses to be pinned down; she’s silk so fluid you could drink her—read her instead, but watch she doesn’t explode in your hands."
Meg Kearney, author of Home By Now

"The poems in Lynn Levin’s Miss Plastique hold their tension between fantasy and devastation."
Jill Alexander Essbaum, author of Necropolis

"This book is just as explosive as plastique and packed as tightly and with the impeccable craft you’d expect from a good detonation expert. Lynn Levin has the perfect timing and sensitive touch of one who works with volatile materials—an Elvis impersonator, the Beav and Eddie Haskell, Gaspara Stampa, Eve and Lilith at Macy’s. We are better for the aftershocks of this verse."
Christopher Bursk, author of The Improbable Swervings of Atoms

ISBN 978-1-933974-12-5

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