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About Luray Gross...luray_gross

Luray Gross grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm in a household full of music and books. She is the author of three previous collections of poetry, Forenoon, Elegant Reprieve (1995–96 Still Waters Press Poetry Chapbook Competition winner), and The Perfection of Zeros. She was the 2002 Poet Laureate of Bucks County and resident faculty at the 2006 Frost Place Festival and Conference on Poetry in Franconia, NH. She was the recipient of a fellowship in poetry from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and, in 2000, named one of the Council’s Distinguished Teaching Artists. A storyteller as well as poet, she has worked with thousands of students and teachers over the last twenty-some years.

Read about her new book of poetry, Lift.


Blue Malibu

in homage to René Magritte

Summer drives up in a blue Malibu.
She and he, he and she;
their spendthrift delve and dive.

Someone plummets; something slides.
How does anything remain whole?
It’s always like this in a story or a dream.

You are running and a door flings open
into a room you do not know.
No lock to keep you out.

The funhouse mirror shatters.
You gather the shards:
cobalt, ruby, violet, gold.

Hold them in your palm, an altar;
your breath, a prayer.
This time, this time you’ll discern the pattern.

Mended one, you’ll mend;
one hand daring the other to mercy.
Slant the needle, draw the thread.
Pierce and stitch, stitch and pierce.

© Ragged Sky Press