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Outside/In: On Loving Nature & Living with Parkinson's

by Ed Bieber

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A collection of poems by naturalist Ed Bieber about living with Parkinson's disease and coping through nature.

From the Foreword: "I also came to make more of the fact that my love of the great outdoors had been whetted by those youthful hours amid the natural splendors right outside the door of my family home. Harriman was an embarrassment of riches, by comparison, but I was convinced that people didn't actually need to range so far to appreciate what nature has in store. In 1976 I set out on my own, first as an independent outdoor educator, then as the founder and director of The Nature Place Day Camp. I have been doing as I once imagined I could, sitting on that rock –happily, heartily making others at home in my world."



Parkinson's does slow you down...it also forces you
to forsake the fastness of routine, consigning time to
take in the goodness around you, if you can seize upon
the music, tenderness, friendship, harmony, nature--
the ineffable favor of experience, of just drawing breath.
I believe everything we need is right in front of us, or so
close we run the risk of overlooking it. So when you are
stopped in your tracks, by whatever means or misadventure,
consider what we tell the wandering, wondering children
at camp: "Open your mind and say, Ahh!"

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