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More: Poems

by  Arlene Weiner

More, cover

The poems in More are variously playful, lyrical, skeptical, sorrowful---never cynical. Whether reading the ingredients on a bread wrapper or contemplating disasters like the collapse of a bridge, Weiner wants to take in the world. “If God be thanked, thank God for appetite.”

Praise for More

“Arlene Weiner’s More is an embrace of the fractured world and its inhabitants, a world the speaker hungrily, generously, wants more of. The title turns, diamondlike, to reveal a new plane with each page: the more of consumerism (“the malady of too muchness”), the more of historically recurring violence (“Never again. Again. Again.”), and the more of love growing, in all its particularity, for family, friends, strangers, creatures of the trees and garden. You’ll be enriched by the scope of these poems—their wonderful intelligence and warmth.”
     —Barbara Edelman, author of All the Hanging Wrenches

“Arlene Weiner's new book, More, is a treasure of brilliant, gem-like poems which reveal her resonant voice, deft wit, and wide-ranging vision. In writing about friendship and family, nature and history, grief and aging, Weiner draws from Judaica and her deep wells of  empathy and knowledge. These luminous, beautifully crafted poems chronicle a rich and fully realized life. They deserve to be read again and again.”
     —Joan E. Bauer, author of The Camera Artist

“Whether spreading seed grass in her yard, admiring a proud old desk chair, “dressed in Goodwill’s sad maroon stain,” or delighting grandchildren by wearing “a Groucho nose,” the speaker in More serves up the full buffet of life, its good and bad, its endless parade of characters and events, its joys and its heartaches. Weiner is a poet of witness, and what is most cherished here are the small moments, past and present, recorded more vividly than anything that might be found on Instagram.”
     —Bruce Lowry, author of Salvage

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ISBN: 978-1-933974-50-7
$18.00 US / £12 UK

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