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Cannonball Lagoon

Cannonball Lagoon

As one of today’s most dynamic abstract artists, Jean Foos has been involved in the New York art scene for many years. This new volume covers Foos’ current exhibition at the Governors Island Art Fair. Her work is instantly recognizable, with mesmerizing patterns painted over gallery invitations and other promotional cards.

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Blanket Stories 

Edited by Richard Jochum and Ruth Zamoyta

The Blanket Stories Project invited poets, artists, and musicians to respond to a tale of sibling rivalry, then culminated in an exhibit/reading/performance in June 2014 at Teachers College, Columbia University in the City of New York. Select poems and illustrations appear in this color anthology. Conceived of by artist Richard Jochum, Blanket Stories aims to encourage appreciation for art and poetry as well as collaboration across fields. It demonstrates how a parable can be read and reinterpreted in an infinite number of ways. 


Miss Plastique by Lynn Levin

Miss Plastique

by Lynn Levin

Miss Plastique, the fourth full-length poetry collection by Lynn Levin, invites the reader into a world of female bravado in which Miss Plastique and her many selves rant, fret, joke, fall in love, dress up, and do their hair. A poet known for her eclecticism, humor, and range of poetic styles, Levin is also a writer and literary translator. She teaches at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania.


Intimate Geography by Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes

Intimate Geography

by Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes

Intimate Geography is a poetic record of discovery. Ishmael Von Heidrick-Barnes invites his readers to join him on an international trek through many of this century's major events. It is a journey where the boundaries between person and place, language and life counter-intuitively vanish under the lens of poetry.

When Ishmael points the telescopic eye of verse at the world, he finds the world looking back. When he turns the same navigational instrument inward towards his psyche, the unedited universe streams into focus.



Memento Tsunami

by Vasiliki Katsarou

Memento Tsunami, Vasiliki Katsarou’s first collection of poetry, is available from Ragged Sky Press.  Memento Tsunami is a collection marked by startling abstract and lyrical poems that draw from a wide variety of cultural influences.  These include her Greek heritage, background in European filmmaking, as well as a childhood among the ghosts of New England Transcendentalism.  Katsarou’s work reflects a nostalgia for origins as well as a 21st-century visionary impulse to reconcile disparate worlds.




I Should Have Given Them Water

by Eileen Malone

I Should Have Given Them Water is a sensual and heartbreaking new collection of poetry by San Francisco-based poet Eileen Malone. With a maximalist style, Malone’s hard-edged poems make the most of grammatical ambiguities and compel the reader to fully engage with her unique sense of the incongruous. Offering feminine as well as feminist testimony to the experience of being a woman in the 21st century, Malone is a widely published poet, mental health activist and the host of a television series on the arts in California.




Eating Her Wedding Dress:
A Collection of Clothing Poems

edited by Ellen FoosVasiliki Katsarou, and Ruth O'Toole

100 contemporary poets—local stars and literary luminaries such as Kim Addonizio, MargaretAtwood,Billy Collins, Elaine Equi, JorieGraham, Maxine Kumin, Paul Muldoon, and Charles Simic—join together to celebrate clothing in its many forms and functions: as desire, as ghost, as body, as poetry, as talisman, as transformer of the soul.




The Ragged Sky Poetry Series

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